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Moving around the badminton court efficiently requires strength, stamina, and agility. The earlier you can get into a position to hit the shuttlecock, the more shot options you will have. Also, better balance in your footing usually leads to higher shot quality and accuracy. If you want to improve your speed on the court, there is no substitute for physical training. Gain a competitive advantage by practicing your footwork more than your opponents.

The Faster Footwork Trainer is designed to assist in your badminton footwork training sessions, by randomly picking the corners for you. Practicing randomized corners helps to provide a realistic, match-like movement experience and forces players into a more neutral stance and weight balance in the ready position.

The Faster Footwork Trainer is in no way a substitute for a coach. It is only going to be of benefit if you already know your badminton footwork steps and simply want to practice them in an optimal way.

The Faster Footwork Trainer can be used on the badminton court, at home, or anywhere that you have sufficient space to move around unobstructed. Use the hook on the back to hang it on the badminton net or rest it on the ground and lean it back on the kickstand for easy viewing.

How it works

Press the ‘START TRAINING’ button, and the Faster Footwork Trainer will countdown before starting, to give you time to get into your ready position. A random corner will illuminate to indicate that your ‘opponent’ is swinging. The WHITE lights represent the time it takes them to swing, and the corner that it looks like they are going to hit the shuttlecock. At the moment they hit the shuttlecock, the lights turn a different color, either GREEN or RED. This is the moment that you should split-step and move to the indicated corner, with either your offensive (green) or defensive (red) footwork, then return to your ready position. The cycle will continue until you finish the set, then it will display a countdown timer until your rest period is over and count you in to the next set. The Faster Footwork Trainer takes care of all of the counting so you can focus entirely on your badminton footwork. Check out the video below, for a short example of it in action:


  • Control the settings for speed, number of sets, number of random corners per set, amount of rest time between sets.
  • Difficulty can be adjusted to be suitable for all badminton player levels, from beginner to advanced player.
  • Control over which offensive and defensive corners to include in your training.
  • Displays the number of corners and sets completed, and rest period countdown timer during training.
  • Sound and brightness settings.
  • Large enough to be viewed across court, yet compact enough to fit in a racket bag.
  • 2 ways to position it: Use the hook to hang it from the net, or use the kickstand for easy viewing while it rests on the ground.


Q: What is the main difference between using the Faster Footwork Trainer, and just doing ‘random shadow movements’ on your own?

A: When you pick your own random corners you don’t ever have to go back to a totally neutral position because you are already anticipating the next corner to move to so you cheat towards it, even if it’s just a very small shift in balance. When the Faster Footwork Trainer is picking the random corners for you, you don’t get the luxury of anticipation…it’s more difficult and you are not creating any bad habits.

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